We are proud of the quality and confidentiality of our matrimonial services.  Alhamdulillah we have had a high rate of successful matches in the past year and understand the need for this service is growing more than ever.  For this reason, we have revamped our service to provide you with individual one on one virtual sessions with one of our team members.  We are living in an age of many apps and online sources which may or may not be reliable and applicants may not possess the level of seriousness you are seeking.  That is why we are determined and passionate about providing a halal platform to seek your potential spouse.  Our service attracts serious, marriage minded applicants. Once you submit your application, our team will work to find you a compatible match based on your preferences.  If you would like to set an individual session, please contact [email protected].  This is offered complimentary so we welcome your support in helping maintain our quality of services.  Please help donate any amount you are able to; your support means a lot to us.
Please keep in mind the following rules when signing up for this service:

  • Please submit 2 current photos (no longer than 6 months old) consisting of 1 close up and 1 full view and please.. NO FILTERS and NO sunglasses
  • It is your responsibility to involve a parent or guardian in the process.
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