ICPC Special Needs Sunday School is a program that educates and caters to children with special needs in a safe and welcoming environment. Planting the seed of love for Allah and Islam and love for the Masjid.

At the Special Needs Sunday school, we use therapeutic methods unique for each and every student to make sure what we teach stays in their long-term memory. Utilizing sight words and the multiplication table to help and stay with the students for life. All students learning and memorizing will be adjusted according to each student’s abilities. There will be many one-on-one sessions with students and teachers to ensure that they are learning the best they can.

ICPC Special Needs is partnering with Muslims Understanding and Helping Special Education Needs (MUHSEN) in their efforts to help families with Special Needs. We want to know the needs of the families i our community. Please fill out the Needs Assessment Survey.

We use therapeutic methods to make sure what we teach stays in their long-term memory. Learning and memorizing will be adjusted according to each student’s abilities. We want to make sure no students are being held back nor rushed into learning things they are not ready for. Each student has their own pace, and we work hard to understand each student’s ability.

We use fun approaches to reaffirm everything each student learns each day such as: Monthly Themes, Duaa of the week, Hadith of the week. We also utilize the simple but useful techniques of memorization for all subjects and areas taught. Teaching memorization needs to be adjusted to fit each student’s speaking ability. We work with all learning styles such as: Visual, Auditory, Social, Physical/Sensory, Verbal

The Special Needs Sunday School is held every Sunday from 10:00AM-2:00PM at ICPC Paterson.

Did You Know?

ICPC also offers a special Needs parents support group led by a group of moms. They meet once a week!

The program starts on 09/15/2018 and ends on 05/04/2019

Level I: what are the course learning outcomes?

Students who complete this class are able to

>    01.

know the Arabic Alphabets and pronunciation.

>    05.

read short vowels and tanween.

>    02.

read combined letters.

>    06.

read words that consist of 3-4 letters with tashkeel.

>    03.

read the muqataah letters.

>    07.

read words with Arabic long vowels.

>    04.

memorize surat 114-103.

>    08.

memorize surat Al-Fatiha.

We start with the last surahs of the Quraan and work our way up.
We deeply concentrate on the love of Allah and the love of their Islamic identity.
Course goals/Learning objectivesWe teach the students a number of Arabic alphabets every class including the sounds and shapes.
Special Needs Sunday School
Special Needs Sunday School

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