ICPC’s weekend school incorporates education and fun in an Islamic environment. There is a strong emphasis on the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies. Students are split into classrooms based on a combination of their age and Arabic language level. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to read/write Arabic, have Quran memorized, and understand Islamic concepts related to themselves, their family, their community and the larger surrounding community.

The class is being taught using engaging and effective teaching methods such as Gateway to Arabic , Arabic without teachers, Islamic Studies Learning Weekend series, games, competitions, stories, cards, playdough, puppet shows. Students’ performances are assessed through monthly quizzes, and End of Semester exams. The scores are reported via report cards and on the teachers’ website. In addition, parents are involved in periodic meetings, emails, and online signing sheet.

Students can also access additional resources at Nourania, Reading Pen Mushaf, House of Quran web, and Quran explorer.

The Weekend School is held every Saturday and Sunday from 9:30AM-2:00PM at ICPC Paterson.

Did You Know?

ICPC Weekend School was established in 1999!

The program starts on 09/15/2018 and ends on 05/03/2019

Level I: what are the course learning outcomes?

Students who complete this class are able to

>    01.

know the Arabic Alphabets and pronunciation.

>    05.

read short vowels and tanween.

>    02.

read combined letters.

>    06.

read words that consist of 3-4 letters with tashkeel.

>    03.

read the muqataah letters.

>    07.

read words with Arabic long vowels.

>    04.

memorize surat 114-103.

>    08.

memorize surat Al-Fatiha.

Course goals/Learning objectives
ability to recite the Arabic alphabet, read short words, and adhere to basic reading skills
Course goals/Learning objectives
ability to read short words and adhere to Arabic grammar rules
Level III
Course goals/Learning objectives
ability to read from the Quran with help

Meet Weekend School Manager

  • Maha Suleiman
    Maha Suleiman Storytime Director
    Weekend School
    Weekend School

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