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Ramadan Schedule:

Friday & Saturday Nights from 9:30pm to11:30pm

  • Welcome and get ready for Salah 9:30pm – 9:40pm
  • Isha Prayer 9:40pm
  • Taraweeh 10:00pm -10:20pm
  • Surat al-Hadeed Explained 10:20pm -10:40pm
  • Games, Ice Breakers, Sports, Snacks 10:40pm – 11:00pm
  • Taraweeh 11:00pm -11:30pm

Wednesday Night Iftars

Brothers in the side room of ICPC

Sisters in the second floor of the sisters’ section

Youth Rules & Regulations

  • We expect all those participating to:
    • Attend Weekend Lectures & Weekday Events
    • Attend Taraweeh
    • Come dressed in modest attire
    • Act with modest behavior
    • Fill out all surveys 
    • Volunteer
    • Take notes and enjoy a spiritually infused Ramadan!
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